Tone Shade V.A.L.U.E

Totally possible, consider yourself admitted to The Magister Tower.

would also like to join if there is still a slot available

Then, together with you, we are a full table of 6 players and 1 DM. Glad to have you.

I will bring a T1 :crown: adventure as well (just to be sure)

depending what the players want I will dm this one or the T2 one
also lets see if we need 4 tables

see you today :vulcan_salute:

Me and polina will be late (maybe) by about 10 minutes

I will be probably 5-10 minutes late

@BufoBufo @polina @Tea007 @Tequila_Sunset

thanks for playing “The Scarab of Death” :beetle:

aside from +1 level-up, +10 Downtime Days, and 480gp, you gain ONE of the following magic items:

please keep in mind, that the :beetle: Homebrew Award will only work on my tables

Thanks to everyone for showing up and suffering through the first half of The Magister Tower. Thanks for sticking it out :slight_smile: but this should really have been announced differently than it was. Will improve for next time. Work in progress is WIP no matter how one looks at it.

Character Rewards:

  • +480gp
  • +1 level and 10 downtime days
  • Dharaxas only (Enoninanara the territorial cursed Thrusting Sword)

1 pick from either of the following items:

  • Brazier of Commanding Fire Elementals
  • 2x Greater Healing Potion (4d4+4)
  • Armor of fire resistance (any type)
  • a +1 armor (any type)
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The only thing I didn’t like was the Antimagic Field. Limiting characters’ core features for a whole session like that is a bit too punishing I feel. Also maybe announce it as a higher-level T2 campaign next time, because I was a bit overwhelmed with my lowly lvl 5 character lol. Other than that, I think it’s a great setting! Thanks for DMing :slight_smile:

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I agree in regards to the Antimagic Field. You could keep it for the story, but also give every player character the item that shields them from it, so that the characters are not restricted in any way. But maybe they are challenged by the need to hide that item on the way to the tower.

Also, to be honest, I don’t think VALUE is the right place for overpowered homebrew subclasses. That fighter was literally a Champion fighter (Improved Critical, Remarkable Athlete) plus a lot of very powerful homebrew stuff. Homebrew story rewards are one thing, but please refrain from using homebrew subclasses.

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:point_up: potion maybe?

:point_down: since you also drop this:

or you could put the armor to the “pick 1” list

yeah, I have to agree with the Antimagic Field. Being a Sorcerer and not be able to cast any leveled spells made me feel really useless compared to the martial classes. You could make it more expensive (double the costs of spellslots) or just be able to cast a spell every two rounds.

further I have to agree with @Arthilas: that fighter was way too OP, typical main character syndrome. no disrespect! Save such homebrew subclasses with anime themed attacks for one-shots… .

Thanks for DMing, I had a blast nonetheless :slight_smile:

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Thanks all for the feedback, I also modified the rewards as the suggestion made way more sense.

Thank you for playing the Train Heist ™️ T2 adventure and for technically succeeding in renegotiating the ownership rights with the Master Conductor.

You get the basic successful adventure rewards for the tier 2.

The West Eberron Trading Company bestows upon you the finders keepers policy with the possessions of the collateral damage, along with the items you’ve acquired and purchased.

  • 5 assorted potions with a random effect based on basic potions
  • Cape of the MountebankLooted off of Master Conductor
  • As a token of gratitude Mr. Meowski offers a voucher to upgrade a weapon of your choice into a magical +1 version.
  • in the bow eerily quiet wagon with empty cages, among mangled corpses of Orkoids and Chimeras, you find a Blood Spear

Technical success is the best kind of success

Thank you for exploring the “Temple of the forgotten Goddess”! You set out to find your fortune and returned with the tavernkeepers adventurous daughter - who is not only fortuitously alive but seems to be finding her destiny as a priestess of redemtion and salvation.

Exploring the abandonned temple you each found 12sp and 8 ancient coins that sell at 10gp per piece.

You also got one of the following:

  • Bloodwell vial +1
  • Neclace of Fireballs
  • Wizards Spellbook, offering you a total of 10 spell levels up to Lv3 spells.
  • As to my dismay the Cloakof Displacement is T2 either a Cloak of Elvenkind or Protection

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