The V.A.L.U.E. of Speed

will be happy with any table that does either t1 or t2 (will probably join @MyChemicalDeath at @cat4laugh 's table if they run a t2)

Gonna be there!

I‘ll be there with a t1 and t2 character. :hugs:

Given the current player/ DM imbalance, I can run a T1.

I won’t make it tomorrow. Since interest in a game was low that shouldn’t be a problem.

DMs (3):

  • BufoBufo T1/T2 :sparkles:
  • cat4laugh T2/T3 :cat2:
  • Unsniped T2 :mantelpiece_clock:

Potential DMs (2):

  • ThatGuyTed T2-T3 :thought_balloon:
  • Col_Mustard_Ret (T1) :star:

Players (17-19):

  • Semako :cat2:
  • jboimler :cat2:
  • MyChemicalDeath :cat2:
  • Henry (if T2) :cat2:
  • PedroAA (prefers T3) :cat2:


  • Darthbinks :sparkles:
  • frogemiah :sparkles:
  • Lux_Tenebraeque :sparkles:
  • KormitTheFrog :sparkles:
  • PatrickD (Maybe) :sparkles:


  • Xerdor :mantelpiece_clock:
  • Martin :mantelpiece_clock:


  • Anne (T1/T2)
  • stardewchicken (T1/T2)
  • Janlocks T1
  • Stracci T1-T3
  • Arvee (T1/T2)
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I’ll be there with an T3 char, preferably in a cat4laughs campaing

Will actually be running a t2 adventure, not continuing the clock this week

will be there with a t1/2 pc’s. will prolly join bufo’s table.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it, but hopefully next time!

Hello there I know I’m a bit late, but I would also like to join a T1 game, if there are still any seats open.

Id join with a t1 char if there is any space at a table, maybe joining the adventure of @Col_Mustard_Ret if they decide to run it

Will be there by 7:15ish

Thanks to everyone for playing at my table and rocking through the abyss :guitar:, you receive 2k gold and can choose between A robe of Eyes or Demon Armor!

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Thank you for joining the Owlbear race
You all gain 300 gp in prize money, with the exception of the rogue who gains 400 gp.
You can choose between an Orb of the Stein Rune or a Ring of the Ram.
As an apology for not being able to give you the champions belt you gain a Potion of Healing

The rogue also gains the homebrew magic whip or he can replace it with a rope of entanglement (note you can only gain one proper (non-homebrew) magic item per session, homebrew items only count on my table)

Because of people asking you gain the following homebrew story award:
Belt of the champion
You gain the Belt of Dwarvenkind for your character. Remember that homebrew story awards are only usable on the table they were given.

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Thanks to all who were at my table. In addition to the monetary reward for completing your investigation, you each get a Stick of Dynamite. Please make sure to check with your DM before using it at their table.

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Love the robe. Now more things can be seen… Things that should not be seen… Things from beyond the stars…

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