The V.A.L.U.E. of Sacrifice

Unfortunately my connection got cancelled. I will only be able to come at around 8pm. @Darthbinks can I join late or should I cancel? I am fine either way, I just don’t want to cause too much of a hassle.

No worries and good that you’re saying that. I know that GMing for too many players can be unfun and frustrating.

Have fun!

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Thank you for your understanding and I will be happy to have you in the future :smile:

@Stracci & @timoteus2

thanks for playing “The Price of Beauty” :butterfly:

since you were only 2 players:
you each gain +one level up, +10 Downtime Days, +480gp, a single potion of poison (consumeable),
plus ONE of the following cursed magic items:

:point_up: please keep in mind, that all these items are cursed

Stinging nettle smoothie with a scalded buttermilk base infused with ground saddleback caterpillar, garnished with an Evermoors monarch butterfly

Outstanding work officers @Burek: Blastin’ Billy, @flo60: Onni, @NonnoKai: Petronius Limelane, @Rori_95: Quinn, @SokrateX: Binks, @snnTV: Rolen and @snnTV 's +1: Gesh…

Thank you for joining my table and it was an absolute pleasure and fun to have you all. For now we’re closing the books in this case but with encountering Asmund Bluetooth for the first time, you are certain that this is just the beginning.

For your great work with patrolling your city, helping a young lady find her lost dog and ending the threat of a serial killer, the mole inside L.C.P.D known as The Embassador, you gain these following rewards:

“To Protect And Serve, For The People, For Democracy And For Liberty.”

See you soon for another episode of L.C.P.D: ROOKIES, over and out. :saluting_face:

“Hail to the Maiden of Spring, the dawning of the year! Bring freshness into all our lives.”

Happy Easter everyone :raised_hands:t4:


Unfairer was apparently fairer than we thought! You all braved well

@Mexikorn @Tiero and @Arthilas remember you got 2000gp and the choice between a deck of many things or a Crystal Ball of True Seeing!

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my kobold gladly helped you out :saluting_face:


The professor appears in your dream and demands the full 5000 gold reward we were promised… and you are unable to resist, because the save DC is too high… :octopus:

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