The V.A.L.U.E. of Posting Early!

I would love to join the investigation for sure as a T2 or if need be any other table available.
See you guys tomorrow :slight_smile:


-cat4laugh (high-T2 / low-T3; :person_fencing:)
-BufoBufo (T2; :female_detective:)
-KKevin (T1; :cowboy_hat_face:)
… maybe Rayce-Kaise (T1; :gun: see below)

:female_detective: players:
-Darthbinks (T2)
-Jackfruitchilly (T2)
-Stracci (T2)
-UncleEbo (T2)

:person_fencing: players:
-Mexicorn (T2; level 8)
-Semako (T3)

other players to distribute:
-Arvee (T1)
-Col_Mustard_Ret (T1)
-Emma (T1-T2)
-Paelm (T1-T2; likely T1)
-potatoes (T1-T2)
-Rayce_Kaiser (T1-T3; could dm if really needed)
-0815Popo who also brings +1 (both T1-T2)
-finnleythehuman who also brings +1 (both T1)

see you on friday :rofl:


Because early post was is fitting i will show up to dm or play ( outlaws of the iron route)

your dm-ing is needed and always welcome :smiley:

I would love to join Cat (T2/T3), but will try to come up with a T1 char as backup and would love to join Kevin if T2/3 is full.

And there I was thinking that I was posting early today!

@Darthbinks I would advocate either a) adding “unpredictable work schedule” to the “kids” exemption of your “posting early” idea or b) removing exemptions altogether. I believe I understand, and sfully upport the intent behind the idea and would council for option b). Everyone should have an idea until Thursday on whether they would like to attempt to play on Friday. Stating this intent is possible for anyone, with dynamic work schedule, kids or otherwise. An addendum such as “if at all possible, due to the usual reasons (read: work/kids/…)” can cover eventualities, but still makes it at least a bit easier for DM planning.

was just writing because last week a couple of people showed up without posting at all :frowning:

… and since it’s holiday season we miss a couple of dm-regulars anyway
added to the fact of the recent influx of new players tables are getting tight.

Last week was double the pain, since it was :smiley_cat:'s birthday and for lack of players his T4 game didn’t happen and he didn’t want to improvise a T1 game obv.
So … we settled on 2 big tables, so :smile_cat: could play
… and then the “extras” showed up …

(thankfully it worked out somehow)

That was not a … this is a new rule, I will lock the thread on thursdays 12:00 am … thing
It was just a plea if you will, that dm’s need to prep too and planning gets challenging lately … :frowning:


@finnleythehuman & @Paelm

:point_right: should you have trouble to find us, we will be in the back

IMO Its easier if people cancel last second, than if people show up last second XD

I dont believe DM planning is the issue. What bothered me is the stress of figuring who sits where, which delays everything for everyone.

From what I can see though, if everyone shows up, I’ll need to DM a 2nd T1 table xD @KKevin if your adventure is high T1, I’ll take the Lowbies then xD Already conteplating what horrible goblin unrelated misfortunes will occur in Phandalin. (So no, this will not be a Lost Goblins of Phandelver session, but if my idea goes well, it’ll be Lost Minds of Phandelver xD)

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Looks like work is going to run late for me. Not sure how long, but I’ll message again later if I’m not going to make it or just going to be late. Sorry for the last minute wrench in the plans.

:heart: the title :rofl:

If there is still space for me tonight, I’d love to join as T1 :star2:
If there is no space anymore (I am quite late with announcing myself), I’d just come by for drinks but would be motivated to draw characters :smile:


BTW, I’ll take
@finnleythehuman + 1 to my table, as I know them xD
Id @Col_Mustard_Ret makes it and is playing the same character, I’d take him as well as shared world with Lost Gobs
@Paelm as my session will be aimed at low T1

That’ll get me a table of 4, can take 2 more then

would love to join your table @Rayce_Kaiser if possible!

I’m looking forward to playing at your table @Rayce_Kaiser :grin:

I will likely be a few minutes late. Sorry for that!

Thank you for playing at my table
You gain 450 GP
A Flametounge Shortsword

You also gain the following story awards:

A Favour for Fenia
You are indebted to the Daask underboss Fenia. She might call in the favour with you having to help her with Daask business.

You also gain the following downtime activities.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions @Stracci @Jackfruitchilli
Time required: 5 days 450 GP
You have to decide which and if you want to incorporate new material into your cloak. Master Danavadi is more than happy to work with both. Or do you want to wait if something else turns up?
Roc Feathers: These large feathers are imbued with the elemental power of the wind. You gain the Manta Glide ability of the Simic Hybrid, and once per day you can spread your feathers to gain a flying speed equal to your walking speed for 1 minute.
Succubus Hair: This smooth silky hair is imbued with the charming power of a succubus. You are immune to being charmed. If you are attacked you can use a reaction to force the creature to make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 15) If the creature fails the attack is redirected to another creature within 10 ft. of the attacker.

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For players who played at my table. 400gold, A horn of blasting and a Crystal weapon of your choice