The V.A.L.U.E. of Going East, Young Man

Is requisite cash only for drinks and entrance or do they take cards?

Cash only, you just put money into a small box and take something from the fridge - there is nobody around.

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Don’t even think of attempting a sleight of hand check on that box though, Rogue! We are watching! :sweat_smile:

What is everyone’s passive perception? :eyes:

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Would love to join tomorrow, any tier =)


I would like to join today, too Since it has been a long time, I guess I’m T1

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I would like to join today. I will bring T1&T2 characters and see what table has a free space.

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unfortunately we have to cancel our reservation at @xaosseed 's table, university workloud crushed our DnD plans this weekend :confused:

Would prefer T1, if there is still/again space at xaosseeds table if be more than happy to increase Theodore’s infamy

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Thanks to Tivodar - @Atanen and Aurora, Nelun - @Mike , Theodore - @Tiero , Finnea Fox - @Tea007 and Balthazar - @iBug for making it through Pickled Rich - The Gangover!

A write-up has been penned by Finnea Fox in the campaign log - inspiration for the next game granted!

Our heroes all return home with 80gp - half from Pedantine selling off the remants of your defeated foe and half from the owner of the Golden Sun who sent them on their way in the first place. Tassore Distillery will also be sending a months supply of peach cider as soon as the distillation vats are cleaned out.


Sorry for the delay, but thanks to @IrisIris2000 @katnyx @Titan @Hanndro @Nepu for playing at my table. You all managed to survive your unexpected trip to a pocket dimension and return relatively unharmed. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to get the information you were sent to collect. Thankfully, the scholars at Candlekeep have rewarded you for your troubles.

These include:

Story Rewards (These can only be used at my table):

  • @IrisIris2000 - Dragon Tamer…Kinda - You have managed to befriend the faerie dragons of the manor and they think you’re kind of cool. As such, they want to join you on your adventures. You get a Orange Faerie Dragon as a companion.

  • @Nepu - Look into the Light - You have found and become enamoured with the light sphere that you found in the mansion. You feel peaceful and calm when looking into it. While frightened, you can spend an action to look at the sphere to reroll your saving throw.

  • @Hanndro’s +1 - Lustful Lizard - Despite being trapped in a pocket dimension with a slim chance of escape, your mind was still focused on other, more important, things. You can add your proficiency bonus when try to seduce something.

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Sweeeet!! Defo be using my cute dragon :grin:

@Xyathn what about our rewards for the game - except for the Staff of Power, of course? :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay! I’m back on the continent!

I chose the “paper and pen on a beach” version of working on the Dragonlance VALUE campaign instead of the “on a laptop in a dark room” this last week, so while I can’t quite apologize for that, I will totally get to work transcribing things onto the VALUE board!

@Arthilas @jboimler @Vishous @lol39r @Takanari

It’s only 2 weeks late… but thank you all for playing at my table!

@lol39r receives a Staff of Power.

All others may choose from the following magic items found:

From the temple of the nature goddess a:

Cloak of Arachnida

Dagger of Venom

Wyrmreaver Gauntlets

+3 weapon of your choice

Potion of Vitality x 2 (instead of, not in addition to, sorry).

From the temple of the sea god:

Kyrin’s Ooze

Conch of Teleportation (Destination: Unknown)


Thank you! It’s really hard to chose this time!

For anyone also not knowing the Ooze, there might be a “z” missing. You can find it here Kyrzin's Ooze - DND 5th Edition .

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Thank you for the correction!

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