The V.A.L.U.E. of Friendship

I gotta cancel for tonight, sorry :confused:
Wish you a nice evening!

hey, I haven’t been on fridays for several weeks because I was really busy, but now I return, I will come today

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Not sure if I am too late, but I would like to swing by for the first time with a T1 barbarian character if that’s still ok

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Unfortunately I have to cancel :confused: See you folks next time around.

I’ll also have to cancel, sorry! Wish u fun

Can I still Join? I’m new to Vienna and joined V.A.L.U.E just 5 min ago(but have played and DM’d DnD before).
I would bring a T1 Character.

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Sure, drop by and say hello!

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I have to cancel as well for tonight

sorry, im feeling a bit sick, I will come next time though