The V.A.L.U.E. of East-er

For me it was not about the interaction between the hole and the pocket dimension. It was about can a familiar generally take stuff with it when it’s dismissed into its pocket dimension.

For that there is the sage advice ThatGuyTed has written about pretty clear.

I also like the way you thought about it. The familiar can take all mundane (non magical) items which where present at its summoning with it when it’s dismissed.

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@katnyx, @Janlocks, @truecrawl, @Takanari & @Vishous

Thanks for playing and creating havoc at The Dump so that the guards from Plagueshield Point need to send reinforcements.

You gain:

  • 280 GP
  • 2 Soul Coins

and in the lower floor near the beast pens you found one of the following items:

(@katnyx) Mardred (probably spelled horrible wrong :bowing_man:) got the following story reward:

You brought 4 eggs and 2 grown up blue guard drakes back to Z’Neth at the wandering emporium and overfull-filed the contract with her. As a reward she would help you with her vast knowledge to imprint and bond with one of the newly hatched drakes.

hope you had as much fun as myself and on this note. “Is it Friday yet?”


Bridle of capturing is from Infernal Machine Rebuild which isn’t one of the official books

Following DMsGuild it’s published by wizard of the coast for 5e.

Isn’t the rule, it needs to be an official released resource from wizards of the coast?

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should be fine imho, "… all officially released stuff by WoTC such as printed books, or AL ressources … "

No, you got it right :slight_smile: thanks! looking forward to next time

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Nvm… That’s on me… Trusted a list I found on the internet.

Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks to @Nemo @Platinstorm @Dharaxas for playing at my table, last minute though it was.

You all managed to acquire vital information from the scholars at Candlekeep to help deal with the Meenlock infestation; while also surviving a quick trip to a pocket dimension. For all of your troubles you each recieve:

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