The V.A.L.U.E. of Dramaturgy

I will join Alaadu’s game

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Will play at @BufoBufo 's table.

And Ula will do Witness Program (Talk to Selina) and Knowledge is Power (Ula’s Dream Patron)

See you tomorrow.

:pray: wish you a speedy recovery

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@Carcharoth & @Astralchik

if we don’t get more DMs, it is gonna be tight for you to find a :chair: to game

DM-ing for >6 players at once is really not ideal

maybe someone cancels? …

wish you good luck


I see that @Alaadu has just 4 plyrs in preview list :thinking:


true … but there are +4 players who also have to be distributed (steven, timodeus, Alex, stollow)

  • :policeman: 4x PCs
  • :cat2: 4x PCs
  • :balance_scale: 5x PCs
  • to distribute: 4x PCs

since :balance_scale: is an ongoing thing, the others are likely gravitating torwards :policeman: & :cat2:

maybe it works out :+1: … and you posted before @Astralchik
… just no guarantees :four_leaf_clover:


Ok if you think so, i’m cancelling my participation for tonight, srry @Alaadu :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

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if you fine playing at :cat2: / :balance_scale: too, … or feeling lucky, you can still show up

seems to be flue season again … so people canceling on FR is a thing

might work out … just no guarantees :four_leaf_clover:

good luck :slight_smile:

hello I’d like to join tonight as well. I’m near the requisite anyway so I’ll just show up and try my luck if there is a space for me left :slight_smile:


good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Hey if you mean for the Die Requisite location, you should probably post on the separate thread:

I’ll switch to DM-ing a T1 table :frog:, all are welcome!

@Alaadu over and out :smiling_face_with_tear:

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@Carcharoth & @Astralchik & @crowoverhoe (if you wanna game at WoW/Keepers)

thanks to @Burek we have another gaming table :partying_face:

Sorry for canceling last minute, but i am ill and will not be present today

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:pray: also a speedy recovery to you

Speed recovery :pray:t3:

@BufoBufo Unfortunately, I have to cancel for today. Things do not always work out as planned or as I would’ve expected. Would’ve loved to see what Gabriel is up to. Good luck to everyone.

Petronius (@NonnoKai), Alma (@SokrateX), Low-key (@Alaadu), Gideon (@steven) & Onni (@flo60), thanks for the awesome session!

Your most excellent escort returns to Neverwinter and you continue about your lives from there. You already have Gallio’s thanks and after your return and report Lydia’s as well. You ask around & potentially drop in, and sadly find out that there is still a low-flame search for Thorgar happening, but that his family is still hopeful - maybe some brave adventurers need to come back there at some point!

You received:

Keep in mind The V.A.L.U.E. Rules when noting all this on your sheets.

Your character also receives a “story award” which works only at my tables at V.A.L.U.E.:

Initiate of the Society: You can prove your rank within the organization with a coin given to you by Lydia at the end of the adventure. It’s a tiny platinum coin with a motif containing an eye inside a pyramid. This allows you to ask for services & help from The Society as well as enter their bases, both public & hidden. You learn of their HQ deep beneath Waterdeep, and get invited to visit when you need work.

p.s. @SokrateX I kidnapped Alma (I have your miniature). Will make sure to bring it next week.


@Darthbinks Tonberry, @JuMiSu Ula, @FoggyPortents Quinda, @PatrickD Agatha, Kabalah (don’t know your forum name)

Thank you for playing and going causing massive drama.

You gain

Next game will be on the 19.4. and will be at level 5-6. There will be a few updated downtime actions which I will do once I make the post. Also, your magic item limit in T2 is 3 uncommon+ items.

But the question remains…Who is Serah??

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