The V.A.L.U.E. of Dragonborn Romance

Would love to join another round of spaghetti :slight_smile:

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People really enjoyed my last session so I will turn it into a miniseries called

“The Trials of Ereldra” - we are still T1, bring a character that’s evil or low on morals.

:warning: drow topics so be ready to feel uncomfortable

Would love to join again with my half-drow, if there’s space!!

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Since @xaosseed’s table is already looking full, I’ll take a spot at either @Xyathn or @cat4laugh’s table.

Would like to play where there is space for T1-3

My emerald dragonborn Azadeh is going to join Dragonborn Romance @Darthbinks

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currently planning on showing up, would prefer to play (T1/2, not feeling like high level atm), not sure I’ll be able to run someting, but if absolutely necessary I’m certain I can improv something low Tier (T1, maybe T2)


DMs (3-5):

  • cat4laugh :spider: T1 … :warning: content warning
  • Darthbinks :heart_on_fire: T2 … playing a Dragonborn is highly suggested
  • Xyathn :dragon: T2 … (max. level 6)

Potential DMs (1):

  • Takanari :biking_man: T1-T2 … or joins a T1-T2 table

Players (17-18):

  • Avallona :spider: T1
  • NadenSall :spider: T1
  • Rezo :spider: T1
  • Slabby :spider: T1
  • William_A :spider: T1
  • aiouh :heart_on_fire: T2
  • BufoBufo :heart_on_fire: T2
  • PatrickD :heart_on_fire: T2
  • ThatGuyTed :heart_on_fire: T2
  • Alaadu :dragon: T2
  • jboimler :dragon: T2
  • lol39 :dragon: T2
  • Vishous :dragon: T2
  • Burek T1-T3
  • Col_Mustard_Ret T1 … would prefer :spider: if there is still space
  • Janlocks T1

the :four_leaf_clover: list starts at #25 players


@Darthbinks can you please add me to :game_die: @Tersidian please?

Should have Rori_95 at my table also.

I’ll be there to continue the Legacy of the great Stomper😈


I would like to join as well. If there’s still room i would like to join @xaosseed ‘s table. But im fine with any T1/2 table

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i’ll also be there. playing/DMing t1 or t2 (and bringing a chair)

edit: the :spaghetti: group moved to Pickwicks


I’ll run a t1-t2 or play a t1-t2 depending on needs

I’ll be there to continue @Xyathn Adventure with my low T2 :slight_smile: if there ist Space for me ^^


Would love to join a T1 or at Adventure if there is still any space:)

:heart_on_fire: Homebrew Story Awards

that have already been unlocked in previous games:

:dragon_face: “Tymanther Lore Dump”
for @BufoBufo

You listened to the Kanjentellequor storyteller during the festival.
ONCE at my table your character can choose to automatically succeed on a History check regarding lore about Tymanther, Tymanchebar, and/or Unther.
You have to choose to use this award before rolling.

:nesting_dolls: “Awakening Doll”
for @PatrickD & @Tiero

You got a personal doll made for you in the Awaking festival.
Should you ever be in the catacombs of your Clan in Djerad Thymar or Djerad Kethendi (the two big fortress-cities), you could go there to meditate to gain Inspiration.

:dolls: “Prexijandilin Doll”
for @BufoBufo

You bought a Prexijandilin doll at the Awakening festival, with a nice dress made out of flowers.
Might be a great gift for the right person?

:pray: “Exploded Too Young”
for @BufoBufo

You remember Baroun, the brave rock gnome sage, who aided you against the evil spirit.
Should you ever be in the catacombs of Djerad Kethendi (Fortress of Gems), the second biggest fortress-city of Tymanther, you could go to the halls of the Thrikominari (clanless) to meditate to gain Inspiration.

I’ll be there to play T2, level 5 to be exact

Since we’re busy again I’m going to run the Brancalonia table at Pickwicks which frees up 7 WowKeepers seats.

@Martin @Matteo98 @Potifex @Evil_Danvil @Rori_95 @Istariel I shall see you there!

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