The V.A.L.U.E. of Downtime Days

@katnyx , @Martin, @Takanari. @Vishous & @Xerdor

Thanks for playing and procuring a “save” base for Dara in Avernus from where she can venture out and fulfill her mission.

You gain:

  • 280 GP
  • 2 Soul Coins

and one of the following items:

hope you had as much fun as myself and on this note. “Is it Friday yet?”


Hello Istariel,

Was a pleasure playing with yall yesterday as it was the first time playing D&D for my girlfriend and I!

At the end there was no conlucion reached if we will continue and when most of the group would be available.

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macS is very intrigued by how stuff works here in Avernus. The sky not going dark, paths changing and people permanently trying to trick you into fun contracts. It’s just like home in the Faywild, but exciting and new!

He is a business man and contracts are awesome if you are good with words. So he got out into the wastes of Avernus and got himself an imp. Sadly the poor guy agreed to owe macS a small favor for some delicious bones to gnaw on. The small favor turned out to be a pact of the chain… but it seems that making pacts and contracts is slightly addictive for him, and macS is now ready to catch a bigger fish.

I am eager to see, if it’s possible to trick a devil higher up the hierarchy. And for sure… also help Dara… like on a side quest… :sweat_smile:


Thanks to @Nepu @Mike @Platinstorm @Istariel @Michelle for playing at my table.

Like @Platinstorm said, we didn’t quite get to the end of the story, but we’ll save that for next time.

In the meantime, go ahead and take these rewards:

  • 1 Level Up
  • 10 Downtime Days
  • 160 Gold pieces

I’ll message you all to see when we can get together again to wrap everything up.

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