The V.A.L.U.E. of Daylight Savings Time


Nice, I always feel like the chance of us dying drastically drops when Ardurion is with us! Haha :slight_smile:

Fen awakened a bunch of giant spiders. If Ardurion has any need for more company besides his Pegasus, Wilhelm the Giant Spider (now 10 Int + speaking common) would definitely go with him and help him as good as possible!

You missed an opportunity by not naming that spider Peter Parker :slight_smile:

I think the pegasus is enough for Ardurion - and wouldn’t riding a spider make him look like a Lolth-sworn drow? :sweat_smile:

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Wouldn´t be Peter Parker (Spider) be Artificer w. a minimum of INT18? :vulcan_salute:t2: :nerd_face:

Yeah… I suspected that you would decline. But Willy will make some nice silk pyjamas for Ardurion, at least trying to change his mind.

I saw the opportunity for a Spiderman pun… but since there are 5 of them, I couldn’t make it work nicely. They are now all named after Inglorious Basterds characters. Aldo, Donny, Archi, Shosanna and Wilhem are now the Inglorious Beasterds! Hopefully taking out some Draconians in the downtime days, while aiding the party on their adventures.

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Casting Druidcraft - it looks like it stays dry tonight

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Dont Jinx it!!!

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The radar alone won’t be sufficient for a forecast like that :slight_smile: It only shows that currently there is no precipitation in Austria.

I’m more interested in the development in north Germany today though, as there are severe supercell thunderstorms forecast for that area, with particularly favorable parameters for tornadoes. Estofex has a level 2 warning for that area.

The upper red circle moved that way earlier like I wrote, but let me check again…

Yeah, that one is heading to Hamburg. But I only was curious about precipitation, not EOTWAWKI

I will join tonight as well. Will bring a T1 and a T2 character and see what table still has space^^

@Col_Mustard_Ret would you have space for two more players? Which level should the characters be? Also, what’s the setting?

Shouldn’t be a problem. Looks like I’ll be running T1, so level 1-4. Most of my adventures start in Waterdeep and go from there. If you’re worried about setting specific races/ subclasses, I’m not that picky.

Thank you for the quick reply! I’m afraid we won’t be able to join tonight but maybe next time :slight_smile:

only Dharax +2

@truecrawl im sry ich muss heute absagen, bin fertig wegen Uni :confused: (@Slabby kommt auch nicht)

Danke fürs Bescheidgeben, ihr habt uns gefehlt und wir hoffen dass ihr euch gut erholen könnt :slight_smile:

@Takanari @Vishous @jboimler @lol39r @Arthilas (+1)

I would really like to highlight the amazing roleplay you did during the Tests of High Sorcery. For those not familiar with Dragonlance, it’s somewhat like a dream sequence meant to test who an arcane caster is at their core. All of you did such an incredible job of roleplaying something so completely different than your normal characters, but you did it in such a way as to really sell what was going on so the Testers didn’t know they were in a dream. And both the Testers did such a great job of making hard choices! I was really impressed, and extremely thankful for the efforts, as the Tests couldn’t have gone so well without everyone’s involvement.

Now that’s said: thank you for playing at my table! You did an amazing job planning an assault on the City of Lost Names, working through the Test, and escaping the deadliest trap that the enemy could think to devise!

You obtain +1 level, 10 Downtime Days, and a gift from Wyham of 3200 gp per person, and your choice of:

  • +3 all-purpose tool, +3 moon sickle, +3 bloodwell vial, +3 amulet of the devout, or +3 arcane grimoire
  • +3 shield
  • Dwarven Plate
  • Frost Brand
  • Ring of Regeneration
  • For Xala and Catherine: In addition to any of the above, an arcane spell scroll of your choosing, level 6 or below. Alternatively, if you choose not to take a piece of magical equipment from this post, you may take a second spell scroll instead.

Instead of the above, you also have the option to take an item from the magical equipment left behind from the draconian you impressively dragged through the portal. In addition to the single sending stone that you find (the location of its pair is unknown), you may choose from:

You also find the additional consumables:


Mythological Egypt, Part 2, “The Duat” was successfully played through! Thanks to the efforts of the players Osiris got his protectoress back, Sekhmet is doing her job again, ensuring that only the worthy can enter the afterlife. You made a trek through only 3 locations in the Duat (imagine what it’s like to wander around 10s or 100s of these on your way to becoming a glorified soul). Set received a good talking-to and has reconsidered his ways of terraforming the landscape so as to NOT excavate the Soul of the World and make everyone’s future not worth experiencing. Maximilian the Ork Merchant was dealt with, much to the joy of his Ex-wife Margaret, who still remains within the Duat. Elonara, the Life Cleric, also took a different way as befits her mysterious nature. Amet, the “dog” of Anubis, was sufficiently walked and remembers you as good acquaintances from now onwards.

Each player receives: +1 level, +10 downtime days. No gold whatsoever.

Your pick from the following magic items:

  • Elven Chain
  • Gem of Seeing
  • Wand of the War Mage +1
  • Ring of the Ram
  • Staff of Swarming Insects

Again, I thank you for playing and enduring through the arduous journey that is the egyptian afterlife. The fact that you could shittalk the villains and stayed creative and curious throughout marks you as excellent candidates for becoming a glorified soul in egyptian mythology and actually entering the fabled “Field of Reeds” that everyone wants to end up in.


Does the arcane grimoire +3 come with spells written inside? Can I get some additional spells from wyham? I’m specifically looking for

  • Absorb elements
  • Ritual spells (augury, gentle repose, skywrite, feign death, Leumunds tiny hut, phantom steed, water breathing, divination, contact other plans)

@Mike @katnyx @Dharaxas

It seems you evaded the Curse of the Skinwalkers - the guardian spirit of the grove deems it wise to let one of her items stay in your possession. Whether you choose the :

  • Ring of the Ram

  • Sunblade

is up to you

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