The V.A.L.U.E. of Communication Officers


Thanks for playing everyone

Lieutenant Shreri zh’Shran (played by @Xerdor)
lost her "Duty unto death." VALUE
and gains the new VALUE

“Duty doesn’t tell you: Throw away your life.”

The technobabble was really hilarious yesterday:
“I design an antipositron matrix on the engineering deck”, “antimatter spectrometer that runs on negative wavelength”, “I calibrate the antispin on the antipositron pods to translate their language”

In retrospect I thought it was especially nice that it was the Communications Officer, who talked the captain of the Neyel Hegemony warship into peace - considering the title of this weeks post :smiley:.
… or as Captain Nyota Uhura said:

“You are more than just hailing frequences.”


Thanks to everyone who played to rid the road to Myrefall of those pesky Kobolds.

As i said yesterday, everyone gets 70gp for their efforts and also Pearl of Power

Thanks for playing!

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Any news on what was found on the docks in Sharn or on the rider of the basilisk?

So sry for posting that late after you left you get a dragon slayer sword. Dragon Slayer - Magic Items - D&D Beyond

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