(march 9th) The V.A.L.U.E. of making a good impression

Im feeling s lil sick today imma have to cancel:(

I’m running a bitnlatez eta 12:15

Would eshriel have had a chance to get the “no longer flaming” adamantine arrows back from the mindflayer goblins’ eyeballs? I’m assuming the adamantine would withstand the fire…

To my table: @timoteus2 @Rezo and…I forgot to ask for forum names…I think @DieGio8002 @Potifex maybe… And someone else.

Before leaving the crypt you have a quick look around. You find the paladins

Morally the later two and the gold are grave robbery. (Choose of you want that)

You can keep one of the magic items for your future adventures.

Also you get the usual 1 level and 10 downtime days.

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