So I’ve been in this forum for a while with the intention to join on Fridays, but somehow always got stuck eating or staying home or being too tired. This week I want to change that.

I’m 34 and have lived in Vienna for 13 years, I’m originally from Graz and work in HR. I’ve played an online campaign (Risus) that just somehow ended and a one-time only “DSA” campaign, so quite new.

I’ve joined the discord (@coranyx) and will read through important information that I can find but I would appreciate any helpful information on character creation or even just a shout-out if anyone else is new here :slight_smile:

Also, I saw you’re supposed to sign up but haven’t figured out how. Is the Friday night happening this week?

Hope to meet you soon.

  • Katherine

Hello aswell

The post for signing up for the next friday games are not up jet, they should roughly go on tomorrow or the day after

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welcome … this weeks thread is
:point_right: here

write there as well that you need help with char creation
and maybe show up a bit early
(we are in the back)

typically the FR VALUE thread pops up at Monday or Tuesday
… this week is a bit more challenging 'cause some of us (incl. me^^) won’t be there this week

have fun :vulcan_salute:

Welcome @katnyx. About time you got pulled into this too xD