Halloween Game on Oct. 25, 7 pm


Hard limit: 150 players.


I have the feeling you might be testing that limit if you’d announce the halloween game to be 5e themed. badumtss


In that case me, myself and I will come and are ready to be spooked :smiling_imp:
Edit: Sadly I have to cancel
Have fun


Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it after all :disappointed_relieved:


All games around here are 5E. Thought that went without saying?


Unfortunately, I can’t come. Have fun, guys!


Note: Anybody playing in costume tonight will receive double the Adventurer’s League Advancement Points and Treasure Points awarded.

See you tonight!

(And now, to actually write the scenario …)


What time will you show up


Soon as the scenario’s done?

Aiming for 7ish, definitely no later than 7:30.


I’m too tired and not feeling too good either. So you’ll have to spook the 5e out of people without me, sorry guys.:ghost:


Feel better soon! I’ll kill some native villagers for you :grin:


Thank science for the new AI Happy Advancing Restrictive Automaton Liesure Droid. Codename H.A.R.A.L.D. for an awesome game.


Upstairs Hall.

And thank you.


@Resil Sorry for making you the new Sarah :smile:


having a “sarah” is now basically tradition for these games right? :smiley:


I love things named after me and traditions are always great so I approve.