Do you realize the V.A.L.U.E. of the old?


@ArgaVanori (T1-T2; would join @Resil’s table)
@Streamobert (T1; would join @Resil’s table)
@that_jon (T1-T2; would probably join @Resil’s table)

@xaosseed (T1-2)
@jboimler (T1-T4)
@SilentButDeadly (T1)
@3000PS (T1) … who also brings a friend (T1)

… and @K-the-fox (T1) maybe shows up as well

as of now looks like 2 dms with 5/5-6 players or we roll 3 tables

Keep in mind that you need to have been jabbed 21+ days ago or have a valid test to be able to enter.
Normal 3G Rules apply.



Hi there :slight_smile:
Sorry that I am writing this late. I have been at one game before with my cousin Jana.
Is is OK, if me and a (D&D trained) friend would join tonight too?
I would bring my Character from last time. My friend would make a new one :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your answer and maybe tonight :slight_smile:



yeah sure :+1:
typically someone will be there early to help with character creation

p.s.: we will probably need a 3rd dm … depends on how many more people will show up
(prolly @PatrickD or me)


Already had a talk with Resil, will be at his table

Looking awesome! Thanks for doing this!


will edit the post

Oh well, it didnt end yet? I guess in that case i will create another victim and join again.

I would like to join tonight, perhaps bringing another player. T1 if not coming alone, T1-T4 if coming alone.
Cu soon!

Sorry something came up, I hope I can still make it tonight, but dont plan with me please. If I can make it (no idea when), ill just see if any table will have me in a pinch. Sorry for being so hard to plan with today.

no worries :slight_smile:
take care

I saldy won’t be able to come today since I’ve caught a cold. Even though I would really love to, consider how much fun last week was. I’ll most likely be back next week. Have fun yall

I think I can make it. I hope there is some space :grimacing:

i’ma be there in 15min :v:

On our way, if we can both get a seat at the same t1 table that would be amazing :slight_smile: if not, you can put me solo on any free table. ETA 6min

Just make her lvl 5 and join us for the continuation^_^

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