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Thank you for DMing, I can’t wait forward for the next chapter please let me know if it’s possible in a week advance so i can get day off from the work.

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Thanks to Giovanni - @neon.tetra , Roger - @Tiero , Ray - @Lenzi-boy , Melinoë - @schwick , Nephir - @Hanndro and Eppu for playing through Petchin Heist.

Lady Jaune turned back up and called in a marker she felt Giovanni owed her, and engaged our heroes to help liberate a substantial sum of ill gotten gains from Palazzo Maganza, as there was to be a banquet and thus a window of opportunity where the location could be infiltrated. After long verbal jousting the group agreed to Lady Jaunes generous terms - a mere 1/3 of whatever they can recover in return for a map of the route in, help with disguises beforehand and a barge waiting on the canal behind the target for escape afterwards.

After substantial planning, engaging most of the patrons of the Golden Cockerel and twelve iterations of the plan, the group departed to infiltrate with costumes created by Lady Jaunes seamstress. Entering the basements through Lady Jaunes wine cellar and traversing the tunnels beneath the noble houses, our heroes fought some insect swarms then climbed up through the waste chute from the kitchens into Palazzo Maganza.

Bedecked as nobles, Giovanni, Roger and Melinoë baffle and buffalo the servants to effect entry via the service elevator to the third floor where the banquet hall and the secure throne room with the Maganza’s coin were stored. Enveloping the guards on duty in a grand romance between Roger and Melinoë, poisoned toasts are served and with the guards paralyzed, Giovanni works on the door - well enough to pick the lock but not to avoid tripping the alarm spell.

Things become frantic as attention is drawn - the door is barricaded from within, windows are smashed out, chests are flung into the canal below and a desperate rear-guard is mounted by Ray - suddenly supported by Giovanni appearing as the estranged Viscountess Maganza to order ‘her’ guards to stand down.

Flinging themselves from the window and clambering aboard the waiting escape barge, our heroes fish the sunken chests from the canal bed as arrows rain down around them, cloaked in magical fog. The slowest escape in the world is made by frantically poling goblin bargemen dragging the chests along the bottom until all involved decide the situation is too hot and take up the bargemens offer to hide out in goblintown. Significant carousing see’s a fortune sufficient to over-throw a city disappear across the bar-tops and gambling-tables of goblin-town, leaving our heroes feeling satisfied never to see the place again.

Everyone gets 150gp from coins scavenged from the chests and Eppu’s canal-bed salvage operation. Lady Jaune supplies generous wine and meat to the Golden Cockerel for the next month.


Q.Q indeed. But the time shall arrive, one day =)

Thanks for DMing this wonderful adventure, and a further heart-felt thank you to all the players. I had a blast =)


The Boots of Elvenkind are fine as a T1 reward in our VALUE rules :slight_smile:

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Thanks to @Martin @Vindra @Burek @Alaadu @FoggyPortents for playing at my table.

While looking for someone to help with a certain Fae infestation, you all managed to successfully return from your interdimensional detour. While your Fae consultant wasn’t so lucky, the sages of Candlekeep were nice enough to find a replacement by the next day. Also, for your attempt at rescuing their colleague, they’ve contributed a few magical items as a reward.

You receive:

Story Rewards (Only usable at my table): @Vindra @Martin You two, either through your charm or expertise in animal training, have managed to convince the two faerie dragons to leave the mansion and join you on your adventures. Here is their stat block.


Thank you so much for DMing @katnyx ! Now the goal will be to open a baby octopus sushi restaurant on the island…