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Can join with a T1!

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i would like to join with a T2/T3 char

Would like to come with @BDave, both playing T1-T2, preferably a game that doesn’t finish too late, we’d have time until like 10-11 PM :slight_smile:

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I’ll come and play T1-T3 at any table that still has some space

If you guys think it is needed, I can also ready a T2 character, of course following our Value rules. I’m still kinda new to DnD but I think I can manage with no particular problems.

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I will come too with +2/3 but i think ill try my luck at die requisite *if there are too many people here ** they are new players. To put it simply is there space for 4? Edit: were all T1 1xlvl4 1xlvl2 1or2xlvl1

I’d like to join @Darthbinks campaign this week. Will bring a low T2.

@snnTV & @Dharaxas

the thread for this weeks tables at the “Requisite” you can find :point_right: here

“Requisite” is on 15 players right now (incl. you)

@snnTV … it should work out

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Ok ill be here then at wowkeepers id love to join you at your table, also ill come early as always. Train doesnt allow me to come on point.

Resil will run a T1 :crazy_face: table

… not sure yet if I run T1 or T2 … with T2 being more likely

depends on who is actually showing up and how full Resil’s table will be

I agree. Running that particular adventure with just 2-3 players isn’t a great idea :+1:

I’ll prep and run my backup adventure (the beast :wolf:) instead.

Then let’s catch a beast instead :muscle: If it could be Tier 3 I’d be happy but I’ll ofc go with whatever Tier it is.

will run T2

… so we have a T1, a T2, and a T3 table

(also less prep for me :wink: )

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If possible @Saphira and myself would join a T2 table with lvl. 5s. (Previously we wrote T1-T2)

I will delete a couple of posts to make this thread less confusing

(sorry @Arthilas @Atanen @Dharaxas @flo60 @Istariel @NadenSall @truecrawl :bowing_man: )


@BDave, @NonnoKai, @Nemo, @Saphira, & @Tea007

thanks for playing “The Price of Beauty” :beetle:

you each gain:
+one level up, +10 Downtime Days, +300gp, plus ONE of the following cursed magic items:

:point_up: please keep in mind, that all these items are cursed
(t.m. you either need the remove curse spell or 10 Downtime Days AND 90gp to “un-attune” to them)

Pan-fried grubs served on a bed of mixed greens in a cilantro-lime vinaigrette and topped with locally-sourced insects for heterogeneity.


Thank you for playing the boar hunt adventure! :slight_smile:

You gain:

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Thanks a lot, that was great fun!! :slight_smile:

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Alright. It’s about time I post your rewards for the session.
@cat4laugh @Mexikorn @timoteus2 @BufoBufo
For your work in ridding the village of Golfin from the relentless beast attacks you each gain:

  • 10 downtime days
  • 1 level up
  • 2000 gp
  • 1x Reincarnation Dust
  • up to 30 rations entirely filled with various varieties of jerky

In addition to those rewards you may also pick one of the following items:

Homebrew Story Awards:

All of you gain:

The gaze of the beast
After your fight you extracted the 3rd eye of the beast, which can be used to replace any spell component worth 5000 gp or less. Using the eye in this way destroys it.
Alternatively you may also use it as a magic item:

Restless Eye
Wonderous item, rare (requires attunement)
This fleshy, evil looking eye is the Third Eye of a fallen morvudd or chort. The eye merges with your forehead, blinking and staring independently from your eyes. The eye has 3 charges and it regains 1d3 expended charges daily at dawn. You can use an action to expend 1 of its charges to cast the eyebite spell at DC 15 from it. Additionally you gain proficency (or expertise if you are already proficient) with the Wisdom (Perception) skill.
Once per day you may also use the eye to cast the spell augury (this does not expend a charge).

@timoteus2 gains:

Ashes to ashes, dust to scales?
As you open your eyes after the battle, you notice that your body seems to have changed form. Sleek elven features have been replaced with scales and horns.
Using the Reincarnation Dust you companions brought you back to life. Your race changes from high elf to a dragonborn subrace of your choice.

@Mexikorn gains:

The Mark of Knowledge
You sacrificed blood in exchange for knowledge. The hag in the woods accepted your offering by showing you your prey up close and personal. Ever since then you can’t seem to shake the visions completely, seeing yourself ripping appart lifestock and people in some of your dreams… the victims of the beast. The more time passes however the more they fade into the background.
What doesn’t seem to pass however is the mark left behind on your lower arm… at the place where the ritualistic blood was drawn. It seem the pact you made still isn’t finished…

This will have consequences…


The mind is a feeble thing
After looking into the eye of the beast you could feel your mind slipping from your grasp. You Intelligence and Charisma scores become 1. While in this state you can’t cast spells, activate magic items, understand language, or communicate in any intelligible way.

To get rid of this effect you can do the following:

  • Repeat the charisma saving throw (DC 19) at the end of your next long rest. (impossible without help in the form of Bardic inspiration/Resistance etc.)
  • Greater Restorration, Heal, or Wish can also remove the effects.

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