DnD 5E @ 1070 - 2 more weeks of open games are ahead of us

@Growl4Initiative really OOPS :innocent:. I’ve already read it and I think (hope) it’s not so bad.

@Nepu & @Growl4Initiative I’ll DM it

Awesome, can’t wait! :smiley:

EDIT: Since my character gained a level through the conversion I am bringing my Barbarian 2 / Rogue 1 char to (hopefully) shred fiends!

@joeder I like also to be at your table with a new L1 char.

I’m definitely coming!

Not coming this week since I’m not in Vienna.
@joeder not to ruin anyones fun but might I ask where you got the adventure from afaik DDAL09-01 doesn’t release till end of October.

Edit: Typo
Okay I found what you gonna play on my own as well, have a lot of fun! Sounds awesome.

Yeah, I noticed after googleing that some already played it and the I found the pdf online.

Hey everyone!
I was wondering if you guys have one more place for a relative newbie in tomorrow’s games. I DMd two one-shots with some friends before, but I don’t know if it was real DnD what we played, since it was really far from playing within rules, haha.

I will have a level 1 character prepared (with DnD Beyond), but probably would need some guidance while playing. I understand if there is no more place tomorrow, but would love to just come and watch anyway, if that’s okay.

You cant imagine how hyped I am to finally take DnD more seriously :slight_smile:

I would like to play! I have never come before though. Anything I should know before just showing up?

At the moment 22 people (counting UmbreonWarriors frined) have said they will come and with 3 of them DMs which should be fine.

Problem is that from @Rayce_Kaiser’s LMoP currently just 2 have posted that they’coming, (maybe 3 I don’t know if cat4laugh+1 already posted).

So if someone could prepare an adventure to DM if need be would be nice.

@Resil your Crystalline city is T2?

I’ll be there for lmop

Yep. T2

I am in and would like a place at @Resil table.
I bring T1 and T2

I’ll be there for LMoP, tier 3 char.

I think you meant T1, level 3 xD

T1 is 1-4, T2 is 5-10, T3 is 11-16, T4 is 17-20

I will be coming with a plus 1 myself, who will join at my table if there is space, otherwise she’ll join another group.

Hello there and welcome!

It depends if you want/can play an AL (Adventurer’s League) game or not. In two weeks there will be only (or mainly) AL games, so it’d be best if you make yourself familiar with the AL rules which you can find here.

Apart from that, it’s recommended you bring your own character, dice and writing material.

Maybe someone will have time to help you if you and they are there earlier.

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I will come for LMoP again.

Since I want to continue to play with you :wink: I want to make myself familiar with the AL rules, but I can’t find any rules on the AL website? What’s different in AL compared to “normal“ DnD (Player’s Handbook rules)?

Al season 9 rules can be found here

It is mainly a few restrictions to make it balanced. I hope you gave fun!

There might be a second friend of mine coming to watch
So im coming with 2x extra ppl that will watch

Unfortunately I have to stay late at work :frowning: and we can’t make it this week after all.