Combat the heat go underground!- V.A.L.U.E Fridays!


I hope you enjoyed the game yesterday!

The beholdragon is defeated, all the tentacles wither away and whatever weird magic that was, manifested by a beholder’s nightmares, it no longer is there. You manage to resurrect Kaaloknir, and both dragons are thankful for your help - as thankful as dragons, who normally look down upon mortals can be. They share their hoard with you, everyone gets 12 000 gold pieces and one of the following items:

All these items are of course found in the hoard of gold dragons (fire damage/resistance). If someone of you dares, you might want to try to find a version of such an item that is still influenced by the otherworldly magic, which would deal psychic damage/grant resistance to psychic damage instead.

You also find a certain staff within the hoard:

Each one of you can keep one of these items for their character.

Since @SilentButDeadly was playing a T3 character, you instead gain 3200 gold pieces and can choose a wakened version of one of the hoard items instead.of the ascendant version.

Finally, you all gain a homebrew story rewar:

Call Dragon
You have truly shown how powerful you mortals are. Both Vahlokmir and Kaaloknir are forever in your dept, for you were the ones who saved them. They both offer to you to be your grah-zeymahzin, your ally in battle. The gold dragon brothers teach you their draconic names - you just have to shout them and they will hear and and come to your aid.
As an action, you can utter either dragon’s name. The called dragon will arrive within the next 1d4 rounds and will remain for 1 hour.or until it is defeated. It will be under your command, but bear in mind, it is dragon, a proud creature who might not always obey what you want from it.
You can call each dragon once. Also, since one of them always has to guard their lair, there can only be one of them aiding you in battle at a time.




Thank you @Arthilas for the amazing session :grin::raised_hands:t4: didn’t have tentacles and eyes nightmares tho, because Mind Blank still active :sunglasses:




"Friends, Skulkers, kobolds, lend me your ears;
I come to bury Dark, not to praise him.
The evil that kobolds do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones, they gnaw on;

So let it be with Dark. The noble Xanathar
Hath told you Dark was the slayer of goldfish:
If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
And grievously hath Dark answer’d it.

Here, under leave of Xanathar and the rest–
For Xanathar is an honourable beholder;
So are they all, all honourable aberrations–
Come I to speak in Dark’s funeral.

He was our friend, faithful and just to Ildun, thanks to the geas spell:
But Xanthar says he was ambitious;
And Xanathar is an honourable beholder.

He hath brought many dead goldfish home to Skullport".

---- funeral speech held by Thomas Cross, halfling highpriest of Cyric

thanks for playing the Mid-Season Finale:
GOLDFISH :fish: :fish: :gun:

@Atoh-nym @DutchyGio @Jackfruitchilli @PatrickD @Stracci

you gain …

also stuff happened, so …

Ghundralt (@Jackfruitchilli) has not used his “I Have Trained for Exactly This” award, so he can keep it and use it in a future adventure in Skullport.


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Thanks for the awesome fight and not killing my squishy paladin too soon ')!

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